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Swim School Session 1 (June 6 - June 17)

We're offering 5 levels of learning that are designed to meet many needs. Below are descriptions of each level to help guide you to the right class for each child.

Every swimmer is different and will develop skills at their own pace. Do your best to select the level you think best fits your children's needs. We'll also ask you to fill out a short questionnaire when you register to make sure we get your children in the right level. We may need to adjust once they arrive in class, so please plan to be flexible.

Levels One - Five are for children ready to learn without a parent or guardian present.

Level One - Comfortable & Happy

Geared to ages 3 to 5, at this introductory level students will learn how to enter and exit the pool safely, and begin to get comfortable in the water - blowing bubbles, submerging, and working with the instructors on assisted skills like front and back floats.

Level Two - Safety Skills

Geared towards ages 3 - 5 who have passed level one (or already posses basic skills).  In this class students will build on their skills and progress to jumping into the pool, bobbing and submersion, independent floating and gliding, and introduction of front and back crawl.

Level Three - Introduction to Independence

This level is for students who are ready to become fully independent in the pool - jumping, floating, retrieving objects underwater and practicing front crawl (with rotary breathing) and back crawl independently.

Level Four - Stroke Development

Students will have the opportunity to improve their front and back crawl techniques, learn about other strokes like breaststroke, while adding dives, rotary breathing, and the basics of treading water

Level Five - Refinement & Stamina

For students who already know how to swim basic strokes and can tread water comfortably. We will working on improving technique and increasing stamina as well as practicing turns.

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What to Bring

Kids should bring swimsuit, towel, and sun screen. Goggles are not used until level 3.

What if it Rains

We will do our best to alert you if the pool is closed for inclement whether. Please call if you have concerns.